Arise Again

Is it your plan to fulfil your God given purpose when you get older, when you finish university, when you get married, when you become a mother?  Have you placed so many excuses and obstacles in your path to fulfilling that purpose that you can no longer even see your way?  Are you looking at yourself and thinking that you are nothing special, have no talent to speak of, have nothing to give to another human being?

Please don’t undermine your role in life, no matter which stage of your life you are at, God has placed something in you that will bring glory to His name.  We are more than wives, mothers, carers, cooks and cleaners etc. (that’s all good) but we are ALSO Generals for God, tools in His hand, God’s voice in the desert of life, light and salt in the darkness and tastelessness of this world – these roles are not JUST for men, it is time for us to awaken the Spirit Man within us and charge ahead ready, willing and able for the Lord to use our lives to bring glory to His name.  Arise today, it’s not too late and remember that you were created for such a time as this.

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